On Vulnerability in Relationships

“In insecure relationships, we disguise our vulnerabilities so our partner never really sees us.”
– Sue Johnson

How many of you feel that you can’t share with your partner due to fear of being dismissed, invalidated, criticized, and/or judged? Most people have learned to conceal their vulnerabilities due to being hurt in their past relationships – whether it’s from their parents, families, friends, or romantic partners. Being vulnerable is a huge risk and a double-edged sword. If you open up, you take the risk of being hurt by people you love and care about. If you don’t, could they really understand and “see” you? When two people are able to really share their vulnerabilities, it could create a beautiful connection that leads to new experiences. Experiences that you might never have had before. 

If you have a hard time opening up to your partner or others, what holds you back? What narrative are your fears telling you? What past experiences have you learned from? How are those things protecting you or holding you back? What does taking a risk look like?