All About Mindfulness

There is growing recognition that mindfulness-based therapies offer support for our mental health. Perhaps less well known, these techniques also dramatically improve our physical wellbeing. Mindfulness takes us beyond coping and making do. The techniques help us to see the world differently, grow, flourish and live a more compassionate, fulfilled life. Mindfulness is a meditation… Continue reading All About Mindfulness

New Year Reflection

Now that we’re a month into 2021, reflecting back, how did COVID-19 changed your life? What were the good and the bad? Were you able to adjust, and adapt to changes with work, families, life, marriage, relationships, or did it bring on even more stress and create anxiety and/or depression?  It was a tough year… Continue reading New Year Reflection

On Vulnerability in Relationships

“In insecure relationships, we disguise our vulnerabilities so our partner never really sees us.” – Sue Johnson How many of you feel that you can’t share with your partner due to fear of being dismissed, invalidated, criticized, and/or judged? Most people have learned to conceal their vulnerabilities due to being hurt in their past relationships… Continue reading On Vulnerability in Relationships

Who Does a Marriage and Family Therapist Work With?

Most people, when they hear the title of a marriage and family therapist, automatically assume that we only work with couples and families dealing with problems relating to marriage conflicts, parenting, and parent-child conflict. In the earlier years of Marriage and Family Therapy, the word “family” was defined in a more narrow and traditional sense.… Continue reading Who Does a Marriage and Family Therapist Work With?

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