New Year Reflection

Now that we’re a month into 2021, reflecting back, how did COVID-19 changed your life? What were the good and the bad? Were you able to adjust, and adapt to changes with work, families, life, marriage, relationships, or did it bring on even more stress and create anxiety and/or depression? 

It was a tough year for us all, to say the least. A significant number of people have been struggling to connect with other people due to the lack of physical contact. In the new era of technology – contactless pickup and drop off, front door food delivery, one-click grocery shopping, and delivery, almost all necessities can be delivered to your front door in one click. All those conveniences encourage the lack of physical contact with others. It has never been more important for people to be emotionally connected – even those that live together. Having the same daily routine can bring on feelings of dullness. As we continue to combat against COVID-19 by social distancing, how are you staying connected with others? What are some things you look forward to in 2021?